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  • Deanna Kahler

Does Fitting In Matter?

Every once in a while, I hear someone comment that they don’t fit in — and I can immediately relate. Although I typically get along with most people and have many acquaintances, I never really felt like I belonged anywhere. My circle of close friends is small. I prefer more intimate settings rather than large social gatherings. And my idea of the perfect day is spent in the quiet beauty of natural surroundings. I would much rather be with my family than at a loud and exciting party. Part of it stems from that fact that I am an introvert. The rest? It’s just who I am.

At one time, all of this bothered me, but today I am okay with it. The truth is, we are all so much more than our labels and social circles. By not fitting into any one particular group, we are free to meet up with anyone we want or join any organization that piques our interest. The whole world is open to us, and we need not feel like we are in the “wrong” place. I don’t know about you, but I actually like having options. It’s nice to explore different things, without feeling like we can’t because it isn’t us.

This applies to people too. If you ask me which crowd I belonged to in high school, I honestly couldn’t tell you. The only way I can describe my social status is that I sort of fit in everywhere, but not really anywhere. I had friends from all different groups. I guess you could say I was well rounded. Looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The point is: we shouldn’t get too caught up in whether or not we fit in. Life is about experiences. And we are free to experience anything we want. What we do, where we go and which people we spend our time with are personal choices. Don’t limit yourself because you feel like you don’t belong. Instead, venture into unknown territory. You never know what you might find — a new hobby, an expected friend or maybe even yourself.

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