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Truly inspiring and a testimony to the strength of the human spirit.



Deanna shares her most intimate fears and feelings with such honesty and understanding that it will inspire those facing any life challenge to have hope and strength. Her book is so well written that you feel as though you are sitting in conversation with her as she tells her story. Great book!

Christine via Amazon

Validating, informative, and inspiring!

Jody Cantrell Dyer, Author, The Eye of Adoption


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This book is a great source of hope and encouragement for any difficulty in life. I highly recommend it. 

D. Dueweke via Amazon

The author does a great job dealing with the complex emotions involved with the grief of miscarriage. Not only will you understand where she is coming from, but she also provides resources to help you through similar circumstances. This could be a real lifeline for someone experiencing loss and struggling to decide if adoption is the right path."

M. Peruski


This story was good as well as informative and offered many resources to help struggling would-be parents deal with everything from miscarriage, depression and adoptions. A must-read for someone considering adoption.

Patti G. Webber via Amazon

McComb, MS

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I feel this was a very-well written book that gave me hope and peace to realize that our baby is out there. We just need to be patient and the baby meant to be ours will be, no matter how long it takes, or all the ups and downs of this journey. In my case, I related with the author in many factors. Although my journey still not over, the book gives me the hope I need to keep on going. A must read!

Roxanna Delaparra via Amazon

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A touching love story with a paranormal twist.

Brenda Casto, Readers' Favorite

Do you believe in the afterlife? Have you ever felt the presence of a loved one who has died, but couldn't explain it? Deanna Kahler's novel, Echoes of Paradise, is fiction. Yet if you are curious about the afterlife you can learn much from this story.

T.B. Markinson, Self-Publishing Review

This is a beautiful story about not just the eternal love between two soul mates, but also the universal love that really is all there is.

Roberta Grimes, Attorney, Author & Afterlife Researcher

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Echoes of Paradise is a sweet tale with a metaphysical slant about spiritual growth and enlightenment ... I recommend this book for romance fans, especially those who enjoy stories about loving ghosts, life beyond death, metaphysics or parables of enlightenment such as The Celestine Prophecy.

Deb Sanders, Author

 Kahler paints a wonderful and creative portrait of the afterlife, all her own and original.

Nicollette Violante, Reader Views

You will truly understand everlasting love when you finish Echoes of Paradise.

Sylvia M. Hubbard, Author

Detroit, MI

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Thank you, Deanna, for writing this story. You used fiction to describe a reality that few are aware exists. I found myself highlighting many sections because they "took the words out of my mouth." This book has encouraged me to look for more — as the title says — to look for paradise. We all have experienced an echo of it. Your book suggests the substance behind the echoes. To those who have lost the great love of your life — read this story. It's message of hope and encouragement in the midst of grief and despair is profound and enlightening.

Kindle Customer via Amazon

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