REVIEWS: From Pain to Parenthood

"An engaging memoir that offers gentle, caring advice about surviving grief and moving forward."
~ Kirkus Reviews
"Truly inspiring and a testimony to the strength of the human spirit." 
~ C.B.
"Moving ... Emotional ... Informative." 
~ Kathy Vaughn, author of My Journey Through Infertility (via Twitter)
"This is an excellent book for those looking to adopt, and getting straight-forward answers on where to start, ideas on how to improve their chances, and on what to expect from the entire process."
~ M.S.
"A nice beacon of hope for those at the beginning of the process."
~ Trista
"This book describes a very personal journey taken by a very brave young woman and her husband in their quest to become parents. Deanna shares her most intimate fears and feelings with such honesty and understanding that it will inspire those facing any life challenge to have hope and strength. Her book is so well written that you feel as though you are sitting in conversation with her as she tells her story. She provides facts and resources which makes this book a wonderful guide for anyone contemplating adoption. I particularly enjoyed her reference to the higher power that guides our lives. I agree with her sentiment that where we end up, no matter what challenges we've been through, we are exactly where we were meant to be in our life experience. Great book!"
~ Christine


I went on the roller coaster ride with Deanna. I cried at her struggles and felt elated at her success in finally becoming a mom. This book opened my eyes to how unknowingly insensitive I might have been in the past when offering comfort to friends who had miscarried or were unable to conceive. This book is a great source of hope and encouragement for any difficulty in life. I highly recommend it.

~ D. Dueweke



"Excellent real-life story of the road to adoption! The author does a wonderful job describing her feelings when dealing with the hardships of miscarriages. She gives helpful coping techniques for others going through similar situations. She also lets others know what lead to her decision to adopt. Many adoption resources are provided to assist those considering adoption. As difficult as miscarriages are, it lets others know that adoption can be a wonderful alternative. Not only is this book helpful, it is also interesting and enjoyable to read!"

~ Dawn

"Validating, informative, and inspiring! While Kahler has a compassionate, emotional, and heartfelt approach to the subjects of pregnancy, miscarriage, and adoption, she is also obviously an academic. As a teacher, I value research. As an infertile and adoptive mother, I value miracles. I enjoyed both in From Pain to Parenthood. Thanks to Kahler, women who have miscarried can feel forgiven and validated not only by Kahler's personal account, but also by her fact-based support. She includes literary references as well as numerous accounts by others. If you need a friend through miscarriage, infertility, and/or adoption, you have one in Deanna Kahler! Read From Pain to Parenthood!"
~ Jody Cantrell Dyer, author of The Eye of Adoption



"The author does a great job dealing with the complex emotions involved with the grief of miscarriage. Not only will you understand where she is coming from, but she also provides resources to help you through similar circumstances. This could be a real lifeline for someone experiencing loss and struggling to decide if adoption is the right path."
~ M. Peruski



"Society, without necessarily saying so, seems to look at childless married women as inadequate so that it becomes difficult for them to overcome their feelings of inadequacy, guilt and loss. This is a book that tells them that it is alright to grieve and that there is a way to make their dreams of having a family come true. "

~ Maria Beltran, Readers' Favorite

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